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Hay Dudes LIVE! (or at least on video)

The Hay Dudes with guest fiddler Dennis Caplinger at the 42nd Annual Old Time Fiddler’s Convention in Goleta, CA  October 13, 2013 (video courtesy 42nd Old Time Fiddler’s Convention and Stan Shapin)

Band members are:
Kenny Blackwell – mandolin, guitar, vocals
Mike Mullins – guitar, mandolin, vocals
Wally Barnick – Fender bass, vocals

Kenny Blackwell is a master mandolinist as well as guitar player, on both acoustic and electric guitar. He was a mandolin student of the great Jethro Burns whose teaching methods must have been fantastic, to hear Kenny tearing it up these days. Kenny was the featured mandolin player with The Laurel Canyon Ramblers for many years. He is now an in-demand session player and keeps a full calendar playing with at least a half dozen bands in and around the Central Coast of California.

Mike Mullins is also expert with the mandolin and guitar. He is close pals with David Grisman and was in fact an invited guest on Grisman’s closing set at the Fall 2011 Strawberry Music Festival. Mike is a featured instructor at Grisman’s annual Mandolin Symposium held each year at UC Santa Cruz in Northern California. Since 1993 Mike has played guitar and is a featured vocalist with the well known California acoustic group The Cache Valley Drifters.

Wally Barnick is an old rock & roll guy who caught the acoustic music fever in the ‘70’s and looks, hopes and is grateful for any invitation to play with the fabulous pickers that he has been fortunate to sit in with over the years. Wally made three European tours with the renowned music group Bluegrass, Etc. and is a featured vocalist on their award winning album “Home is Where the Heart Is.” He too, is currently and has been a member of the Cache Valley Drifters, dating back to 1975.

Hay Dudes released their self titled and first album in August 2012.

Contact Information: Wally Barnick 805.674.1877

MORE videos here:

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New Site

This is our new web page… launched just a few days ago, we’ve had several hundred visits already and we’re glad to welcome everyone. Please visit each of the PAGES to learn about the band, what we’re up to, scheduled performance dates, photos, videos, and how to get any of the products that we have to offer… ie; our current CD and t-shirts!

It’s a work in progress and we now have the ability to sample tracks from the CD and even order online.

This WordPress site is a BLOG which means it is interactive… you can choose to “follow” us and receive notices of any updates, and even add your comments. We’d be glad to have you on board and we’re looking forward to hearing from you.


The Hay Dudes

Mike Mullins, Kenny Blackwell and Wally Barnick

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