We’ve Been MIA!

Sorry for being so lax with the website updates… our administrator (that would be Wally) just plain forgot!

HAY, we did just get to play a gig in Tehachapi, CA at a wonderful venue called Fiddlers Crossing. We had no fiddle but they let is play there anyway.


Peter Cutler and his lovely wife Debby hosted us and there was a very nice (I counted only 4 empty seats) turnout of an appreciative group of folks. Here’s a picture that was posted on the FC Facebook page, submitted by Lyfe As Vincent. Thank you Vincent!

He also put up some video from the show which is posted on the Fiddlers Crossing FB page. Please, pay their page a visit, too.

The TRUTH is… Mike and Kenny and I (aka the Hay Dudes) have had few opportunities to get out and play together because, well, the phone ain’t been ringin’ and… none of us will get off the couch to go hustle up some gigs.

The remainder of the 2017 Tour (our second gig of the year) will be on Sunday August 13 in Altadena, CA when we will be at the Naiditche home for one of their wonderful house concerts. Please click on the highlight/link to get information.

Thank you Steve Anderson for pointing out how dated the website info has been and for lighting the fire under me (Wally) to get things up to date. We’re hoping to have much more to report on the next update.

Thanks for visiting.

Meanwhile here’s some video from a couple of years ago with our pal Dennis Caplinger on the fiddle.

We’ll look forward to seeing everyone somewhere along the trail and thanks for visiting the website.

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